How To Activate Airtel Night Plan

Airtel Night Plan,  Airtel is one of the most reputable communications companies in Nigeria. AirtelNigeria has demonstrated how generous it is by launching the Airtel Night Plan.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn more about all Airtel Night data plans and how to join.

Airtel Night Plan was introduced to help people who require more data for surfing the internet, however some limitations are linked to using Airtel Night Plan. Airtel Night Plan.

To make use of to make use of the Airtel night plan You must

  • Be alert from 11:00 pm until 6 am.
  • There is a range of between N25 and 50 to be used to get an Airtel data plan. Airtel data plan as well as
  • You should be on Airtel Puls tariff plans

The most important benefit of the Airtel Night data plan is that you will get a greater volume of data at a cheap price. If you can stay awake by the time you should sleep, this data is worth going for. Another benefit is that you can subscribe as many times as possible in one night, unlike the MTN night plan which allows you to subscribe once every night.

Airtel observed this sudden shift of data and reintroduced another data bundle to replace the old one. In line with the footsteps of MTN night plans, Airtel launched yet another Night plan which gives their customers 500MB for N25 or 1.5GB for N50. Airtel night plan

You can now get up to 500MB for only N25, and up to 1,5GB for N50. There are other great plans that we’ll discuss in this article. I will also provide your subscription code, the data validity, and the best way to utilize the codes effectively.

If you don’t already know, customers who are part of the Smart Trybe Tariff plan known as Smart Trybe can take advantage of evening browsing for an affordable cost. In fact, it is only one of the cool benefits that come with this plan. For only N25, you will receive 500 MB of data during the night, between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. While N200 can get you 1.5 GB under the same terms.

Its Airtel Night plan number is *312#. By dialing this code, you will be able to sign up to Smart Trybe or, if you already have a subscription then access the menu which lets you select one of the many advantages.

From the menu click option number 3, (which will be Airtel Night Plans) and choose or 1 (for 500MB) as well as 2. (for 1.5 gigabytes) to avail the gigabytes you need for nighttime web surfing.

With the introduction of the Airtel night-time data plans, Airtel offers one GB of data for N300, with a one-day expiry. Before you can utilize any of the mentioned Airtel plan data, you must first enroll in SmartTRYBE using this USSD code : *312# then dial *312#, and then reply with 1.

Airtel 750MB plus 1GB of YouTube night Streaming at N500

It is worth considering subscribing to Airtel’s 750MB and 1GB of YouTube Night Streaming for FREE for fourteen weeks along with a 500 N500 recharge.

airtel night plan code

To subscribe: Insert an N500 recharge card into your phone, then call *141*500# Airtel for night-time browsing

Airtel 1GB and 1GB Night YouTube Streaming

Airtel Also offers 1GB and 1GB of free YouTube Night Streaming for N500 for seven days. In any way, you can benefit from a night plan with airtel at a lower cost

To sign up, load a N500’s recharge card on your phone, then call *141*502#

how to do a night plan on airtel

As I mentioned in the past, you should switch from Airtel SmartTRYBE.

  • just dial *312# and then reply by 1 to be migrated into Airtel SmartTRYBE;
  • After the transfer After the migration, dial *312#.
  • Answer 1 to 250MB of data for N25
  • Response 2 to 1GB to $500 (Night Plan 12 am – 5 am)

If you want to purchase 500MB Airtel night plan data, which costs N25, and 1.5GB Airtel night browsing plan data, which is N50, respond with three. The time period for the night plan is from 12 am until 5 am.

Airtel currently offers 1.5GB of data at a cost of N200 for the night plan. with 200MB Airtel data for a price of N200 and a 30-minute call, answer to 4. It’s the weekend plan that runs from Saturday through Sunday.

One of the benefits of Airtel Night data plan has is that Airtel Night Data plan offers is that you can sign up to the number of times you like in a single night, as opposed to MTN which limits you to just one subscription per night.

Airtel evening plan is superior to the MTN Night Plan of 500MB for only N25, as the MTN night plans, each SIM card has the right to one-time activation every night.

However, this Airtel night bundle plan can be renewed after exhaustion which means that you could sign up again after having exhausted the initial 5GB. You can also get 3GB of data for N100 in one night.

Airtel unlimited night plan 

You can purchase an unlimited night-time airtel plan by using this coupon. This is due to the fact that the current airtel night plans can be renewed several times in one night.

In the case of instance, if you’ve exhausted the airtel night plan 1.5GB at N50 you are able to renew your subscription to receive another 1.5GB at the most feasible. This is equivalent three GB at N100, or 6GB for N200, and then on throughout the night. Therefore, we can confidently recommend the Airtel unlimited-night plan.

Unlimited Airtel night data plan was one of the greatest things we’ve experienced through Airtel Nigeria over the years The bad news is that it’s been canceled or replaced with a different night data plan that is still extremely affordable and stylish compared to night plans of other networks such as 500MB for 25 Nigeria from MTN.

The old Airtel hourly-based Night plan was one of the top plans to download data that was cherished by many, particularly for unlimited downloads

Many customers have dropped the Airtel expensive night data bundle and moved to MTN inexpensive Night plan as of MTN announced the Night plan that offers 500MB for N25.


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