5 Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria to Make Money

5 Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria to Make Money 2023

Searching of money making ideas in Nigeria for ladies? We welcome you to our site as we will be revealing some high paying/lucrative business ideas for ladies in Nigeria to make money.

All that is required of you to benefit from this information is that you sit back to consume this full content so as to be educated. Surely, you will get to know some high paying business ideas that are good and profitable for ladies after the completion of this content.

This should limit or make an end to the rate at which you search for how can I make money in Nigeria as a lady or what business can I venture into in Nigeria that are good for passive income.

So as not to get you bored, let’s get started with the main section of this content showing you some lucrative business ideas for ladies.

Top 5 High Paying Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

  1. Bead Making Business

Bead making business in Nigeria is one profitable business idea for ladies in Nigeria to make so much money without having to drop a sweat. Let me show you how;

Are you aware an average bid maker in Nigeria makes ₦2,000 to ₦5,000 in profit daily?

Ok! Let’s make it an average of ₦2,500 daily profit.

This should give you a grand sum of ₦75,000 which is really not a bad amount to earn in Nigeria at the current economic state. Most private/government jobs in Nigeria won’t even pay you up to that amount.

Commencing this business as a startup lady should cost you nothing above ₦15,000 for purchase of materials needed (including beads, bands, other fashionable items). You can make these bead products and distribute to market people while you make huge profit daily as a major distributer/maker. Some of items you can make include waist beads, hand bands, neck lace and so much more. You only need to be creative.

  1. Body Spray Selling Business

Body spray selling business is yet another profitable business idea for ladies. I know a few making it huge back then in school just by selling body spray for both genders.

You can start this business with as little as ₦10,000 capital. All you need in getting started is product and market to sell. Am not referring to visible market here, rather am talking about channels/people to sell this products to.

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You can begin your career by buying some perfume items on Jumia (those 10 in-one and others) at cheaper rate then resell to make over 200% profit.

  1. YouTube Channel Business

YouTube is no doubt a lucrative business idea to start in Nigeria. One interesting part is that you earn in $ considering the de-valued rate of Naira currency in the world market.

YouTubers earn between ₦50,000 to ₦millions of Naira monthly in Nigeria and it is 100% free to get started. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead to create your Youtube channel and start making decent income as a young Nigerian lady.

  1. Hair Making

Hair making is a lucrative business idea for ladies even though it is saturated all across the country. You can take for instance, barber shops in Nigeria. It is not a possibility to have an organized barber shop and not cutting at least 10 people’s hair in Nigeria.

Since this is an eye opener, I will live you to go make further research on how to start a hair dressing saloon in Nigeria as a young lady.

  1. Make Up Service

Many young ladies in Nigeria are making so much money only by offering their services to client that matters. This might seem to be a common business and many will say “is it not just makeup? Any lady can just look through her mirrors and do a perfect face make-up”.

Well, that’s not it. This is why Information in Nigeria is the key to success as a Nigerian residing in the Nigerian domain.

People in target locations across the country pay handsomely for make-up services.  You can make money from such people doing what you love doing.

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