The Best Gentle Bra

Are you looking for the perfect gentle bra for you, then you are at the right palace. Finding the right, flexible, durable bra is not an easy job, especially when you have large breasts. The Gentle Bra is my first choice.

The Gentle Bra gives 300% more support as compared to other regular bras without any underwire. The Gentle Bra has a microfiber pullover that makes it comfortable and breathable. The Gentle Bra has a beautiful lace design that makes you feel sexier

gentle bra

The Gentle Bra is specially designed for large cup sizes, which are comfortable, stretchable, durable, supportive, and look great under clothes.

The Gentle Bra is specially made from high-quality microfiber soft cotton to give 100% breath. The Gentle Bra is also best for breast cancer or surgical breasts for easy recovery. The Gentle Bra is free from every irritation and strap sores.

Gentle Bra Can Fix Your Bad Posture

According to research, more than 50% of women in America are suffering from back pain problems due to their bad posture.

The gentle bra is made to give your body a lift without any irritating wire or band as it is made of adjustable crisscross lace straps to adjust the fitting around your back and breasts to lift your posture upward and comfortably fell.

Key Features Of The Gentle Bra:

Gentle Bra is now becoming women’s number one choice, due to its soft material and easy to adjust butterfly straps.

✔ Gives you good posture.

✔ Make your breasts good looking & sexier.

✔ Prevents wrinkled skin

✔ Best for women of all ages

✔ Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, etc

Size and Measurements

Size Chest Circumference Suitable Cup Size
S 70-80cm/27.5″-31.5″ 70/32A 70/32B 70/32C 70/32D 75/34A 75/34B
M 75-90cm/29.5″-35.5″ 75/34B 75/34C 75/34D 75/34E 80/36A 80/36B
L 90-100cm/35.5″-39″ 80/36B 80/36C 80/36D 80/36E 85/38A 85/38B
XL 95-110cm/37.5″-43″ 85/38B 85/38C 85/38E 85/38F 90/40A 90/40B
XXL 105-125cm/41″-49″ 90/40C 90/40D 90/40E 90/40F 95/42A 95/42B 95/42C 95/42D
3XL 110-130cm/43″-51″ 95/42D 95/42E 95/42F 95/42G 95/44A 95/44B 95/44C



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