Glo Yakata is a default prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with voice and data benefits everytime they recharge their prepaid line.

Benefits Of Glo Yakata:

  • You will get unlimited free Glo-Glo calls
  • Free first minute every day to call other networks
  • Free data, based on the denomination recharge denominations.

how to migrate to glo yakata

For new customers, buy a new SIM card and register. For old customers on other tariff plans dial *455# to move to Yakata and recharge to enjoy Yakata benefits on every recharge.

Glo yakata code


Glo yakata FAQ

What is the validity of the Yakata benefits?

The Yakata benefits validity varies basis recharge denomination as detailed below:

  • Ghc1 = 2 Days
  • Ghc2 = 4 Days
  • Ghc5 = 10 Days
  • Ghc10 = 20 Days
  • Ghc20 = 40 Days
  • Ghc50 = 100 Days

What happens if I do multiple recharges?

In case of multiple recharges you will get all the benefits of your recharges and the validity start counting from the day of recharge.

What happens to my data bonus if I have data bundle?

Yakata data bonus takes priority while your data bundle is paused.

What are the usages charges after YAKATA benefits of First Free minute and free data benefits have exhausted?

All calls to other networks are charged at flat rate– Gp12.5/min, SMS at Gp5.25 and Pay go data at Gp4/MB. Glo-Glo calls will still be free till recharge specific validity period.

What happens if I don’t use the voice or data benefits?

Both voice & data benefits expire on validity expiration.

What happens if I have recharged with *127# for Twin Bash?

If you recharge with *127# you will only get Twin Bash benefits & not Yakata benefits.

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