How To Host Website On Google Cloud For Free

host website on google cloud

host website on google cloud

Hello Guys welcome to back I hope you guys are enjoying our article we talk on how to host your WordPress site with host website on google cloud for free Before we continue I tell you guys how Google cloud works and how to get free accounts with Google cloud

Google cloud free hosting for life

What is google cloud

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Google cloud is cloud servers that provide free service for new users to test and host there applications for free with Google cloud you can host many web applications for free like cms, windows server aka rdp many menchines are there that you can there many alot of features .

from Google cloud servers And with Google cloud you can also choose a particular location to suite website and you can also host a static website with Google cloud servers You can also host python application and firebase on it many api and services are there waiting for you.

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host website on google cloud


1: gmail old or new

2: master card or visa Card which is upgraded account

3: Mobile or pc with internet access

4: small brain

Let’s move on to Make sure you you fill all your details correctly sign up and it will ask for your credit or debit card to confirm your are not a robot Don’t worry about it you won’t be Charge until you finish your 300$ and you requested for upgrade

After signing up your card may trigger call for verification snap the front and send it to Don’t worry your card is safe wait some minutes you will receive a mail in your mail box and you can continue to upgrade your account so you can launch a project

After you get Google cloud free hosting for 1ife next is to install a cms like wordpress

What’s wordpress Cms

WordPress cms is web applications that allow you host your blog to publish your article for free wordpress applications are free but you need a hosting server to host your wordpress application for it to show up Many bloggers today make use of wordpress Application to host there blog since its free, light, fast and free to use So today will install wordpress on your Google cloud servers

Google cloud free hosting for 1ife

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First you need a domain Name what’s is domain Name?

Domain Name is name that point to view your files in your computer for front-end and back-end user I allow many users to view your webpage hosted online

To get your own domain there many domain provider I will list it and you choose your choice our naijahosting Indian hosting in Nigeria Nigeria hosting Nigerian hosting foreign hosting

Godaddy.Com foreign hosting

Google cloud free hosting for life

Above all you can choose your choice but recommend abollyhost with fast support

After you getting your domain here we start to port ip to Google cloud free servers So first you need to add a api to Google cloud api and services for you to be able to point to your domain

So go to your Google cloud dashbord Or console open the menu and click on api and services wait for it to show up and add new api add cloud dns after that you install and activate cloud dns you can now port your domain to Google cloud

Next step is to under network Click vpc network > external IP addresses

In external IP addresses click on reserve static addresses after you have reserved a static address Copy the external IP addresses in your clip bord because we will use it I cloud dns Then we can proceed to cloud dns to point our name servers

Next step Under networking click Network service > Cloud dns

Once the cloud dns show up u see create zone at the top fellow the image below to create your zone

Zone type public so everyone can view

Zone name replaced it by your own name u want use lower case through out Dns name will be your domain name input it And description is optional you can create your zone without descriptions after you create your zone we will add cnames and a name check on the images below

Add record set in your zones wait till it’s show up. On the A names You will see ipv4 address pest your external IP addresses that you copy there And save next is cnames add a new record set again and And change from A names to cnames on the cnames In dns name at the top put www and On cronical name put your domain and create now you are done in settings up your external IP addresses and domain next is to

add nameservers to your domain now log on on domain provider and click on client area > domain > chose your domain and click on manage domain dns and put this nameservers from your Google cloud dns zone if it fail to update contact your domain provider to set the nameservers from there end so now you have successfully added your domain to Google cloud servers

We talk on how to install wordpress in the next post soon as possible so if you have any problems please feel free to drop comments we will attend to you

Thanks for your lovely time readers



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