How To Promote And Advertise Your Business On Nairaland

Hello Guys, If you have been looking for how To Promote And Advertise Your Business On Nairaland, you have come to the right place. We will walk you through and guide

What’s Nairaland

Nairaland is a Nigerian English-language internet forum. Founded by Nigerian entrepreneur Seun Osewa on March 8, 2005, it is targeted primarily at Nigerian domestic residents and is the 6th most visited website in Nigeria. Wikipedia

How many users are on nairaland?

2.58 million registered users (November 2020)

What’s Nairaland’s Daily Visit?

Nairaland  has 5,383,512 unique visitors, 29,994,528 visits. 229,826,189 pageviews. 30 days.

Why choose Nairaland?

Choosing Nairaland gives space for more audience depending on the product or services you want to promote

how To Promote And Advertise Your Business On Nairaland

Before you promote or advertise on Nairaland to register first, you can register here.

Nairaland runs a Targeted Ad Platform. Any Nairaland member can place adverts on the sections of Nairaland where the people he/she wants to reach are most likely to be found (for example, a political party could place ads on the politics section with it).

To place ads on Nairaland, the first step is to get your ad banner designed by an excellent graphic designer. Your ad banner must be borderless, 318 pixels wide, 106 pixels tall, less than 30kb in size, and the PNG or JPG format. Once it’s ready, go to , click (Upload Ad) to upload your banner ad and landing page, and wait for approval. (Your ad might not be approved if it’s deceptive or illegal, or morally questionable in some way).

After your ad is approved, we will provide you with information about how to purchase advertising credits so you can freely place your ads on any section of Nairaland – including the home page. Our system is straightforward by design.

Please see our Estimated Advertising Rates to find out how much it’ll cost to advertise on the various sections of Nairaland on the long run (prices in the short term are strongly correlated with traffic levels). Billing takes place every few minutes and you will get detailed reports on unique clicks and views and charges for each ad/section and for your entire account over various time periods.

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How do you charge? Per click? Per impression? Per hour?

Nairaland charge for approximate value delivered. This is highly correlated with traffic on the short run. So when there’s less traffic, you pay less, and when you’re charged more, it will most likely be due to an increase in traffic. However, on the long run, that’s not the only factor we consider. We have developed a robust pricing algorithm to make sure that you will always get what you pay for.

What kind of ads would you not accept on Nairaland?

Nairaland will reject ads that we consider to be ethically or morally questionable in one way or the other. We reject ads for HYIPs and most MLMs because they are fundamentally unsustainable. We reject ads for health remedies that make claims that have not been verified by NAFDAC because we know that they don’t work as advertised. We reject online betting and forex trading ads not for moral reasons per se but because we know that most people who patronize this business expect to make money, but the vast majority of them will lose money. We also reject some mailing list building ads because we don’t want our members to be spammed. Sexual ads will only be accepted or placed in the sexuality section.

Can we submit animated ads?

No. This is because they are distracting. If your ads are attractive and well-targeted, people will notice them without any animations.

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