How to use Tattoo Transfer Paper

I am a tattoo lover myself and one of the best ways of getting a tattoo that sticks around for a long time by yourself is by making use of a tattoo transfer paper, I will be showing you ways to make use of the tattoo transfer paper, it will help you avoid ruining your tattoo, not just that, t will help you know the right tattoo that suits your skin, from texture, quality, etc.

First, before we talk about how to use it let’s look at the few necessary things you need to know about tattoo transfer paper.

What is Transfer Paper

Before you mistake transfer paper for another thing, let’s take a look at what transfer paper is. Transfer paper is used in textiles and arts and crafts projects. Transfer paper is a thin piece of paper coated with wax and pigment. Often, an ink-jet or other printer is used to print the image on the transfer paper.

Type of Transfer Paper

Wondering why are we going deep into transfer paper. don’t worry read on, you will definitely like the fact that you read through all, to be able to know a sortable for your skin and differentiate it from the ones used in transferring designs on shirts or fabric as a whole.

Transparent Transfer paper

Just like the name suggests, this is a transparent paper used in transferring design for white skin, it helps you see and be able to trace each line of the design using the design pressure pen on light skin without missing the line.

White heat Transfer paper

Just the direct opposite of the transparent transfer paper, the white heat transfer paper is used in a case where the material or skin is black, as it will enable you to use the tracing pen efficiently without issues of missing the trace line before heating, either for skin or fabrics.

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I will love to state that, the two papers you might have noticed, can be used for both fabric transfer and tattoo transfer, as things are made from cellulose which for the sole purpose of transfer, a chemical called diomoron is added.

How to use tattoo transfer paper

Well if you are a tattoo lover just like myself or you just need to trade on tattoo paper, this guide will show you how to use tattoo transfer paper, and also some of the best available ones, (might be adding my referer links to those recommendations).

When an artist is turning a design into a tattoo, they will often use transfer paper. Using transfer paper helps simplify the placement process and provides the tattoo artist with an outlined guide for your design. There are many types of transfer paper, but they all generally work in the same manner.

Before using a tattoo transfer paper, they are things you need to do so that you can have a fantastic result.

  1. Sanitize and shave the area where it is going to be applied
  2. Hold the stencil over (but away from) the skin to get an idea as to where it should be applied, and use a surgical skin marker to mark the placement
  3. Put a stencil stay solution onto the skin, which will help hold the temporal ink from erasing during tracing and deep inking.
  4. Align the stencil to the spot that is going to be tattooed and press the stencil firmly against the skin

After making sure the above things are done which are necessary, here is how to make use of the tattoo transfer paper.

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  1. Place on the preferred area
  2. Use a trace tool, the one we talked about above, to trace the lines of the art on your skin, sometimes this might be painful depending on the pigment of your skin.
  3. After tracing rob the entire surface with your hand
  4. Allow to dry, or blow some heat with a heating machine
  5. You a towel to clear any dampness after using any of the above
  6. Then pill off, and begin to trace with deep inking.

My Last Thoughts

Transfer paper stencils give clients that first look at their placement, the size of their tattoo, and an idea as to what is soon going to become a permanent part of their lives. Choosing your favorite method of stenciling is a personal and financial choice. If you are an apprentice, don’t hesitate to ask your mentor for a closer look at their shop’s machine so you know what you’ll be working with, in the future.

Again, if you are not a professional tattoo artist, I will personally advise you visit a professional tattoo shop, that is if you want permanent ink and not the temporal inking, which can be done using the tattoo transfer paper, they are different inks available in the market, do well to describe the one you want, while you also consult your tattoo artist.


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